Hello, Chiron. Nice to Meet You.

February 13th, 2011

Hello, everyone.

Dhanvantari, the Hindu God associated with Ayurveda. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Today I want to share a recent experience I had which shows why I have such an abiding faith in astrology.  Last week I went to the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Panchakarma.  Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic program which involves special diet, herbs, oil massages, bathing the forehead in oil, rest, enemas, and various other therapies.  At the end of the week, we were given advice about diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes particularly suited to our constitution to support our continued healing.

I went to the Institute because I had gotten quite sick last fall.  Even though I never take antibiotics, I ended up taking two really intense prescriptions.  I decided to take the antibiotics because of the complications if my situation went on too long, but I also committed to myself that I would go to Panchakarma afterwards in order to flush and cleanse my system of any residual effects of the antibiotics.  As it turned out, I couldn’t even take the full round of the antibiotics because I had a fairly severe allergic reaction to them.  But I had taken them long enough to do the job.  Sure enough, the bacteria that was causing the problem was eradicated.

The Ayurvedic Institute is an intriguing place.  Not only is there a wonderful staff facilitating the Panchakarma , but the Master Teacher and Founder of the Institute, Dr. Vasant Lad, was on site and we were allowed to attend his lectures in the Ayurvedic Studies Level 1 class each evening.  We learned along with the students the stages of the progression of disease according to Ayurveda as well as chanted in Sanskrit and listened to marvelous stories from Dr. Lad’s many years as an Ayurvedic Physician.  To me, these lectures were the best part of the whole week.

I also volunteered myself as a subject for his Ayurvedic Studies Level 2 students.  Each Panchakarma client meets with Dr. Lad twice during the week, but as a subject in his class, I met with him and his students for a much longer time.  Jyotish, the Vedic form of astrology, is also a part of his knowledge and teaching and it was more than fascinating to see my Vedic chart on the board and discussed in medical terms with the students.  You can imagine how exciting it was for me to learn about my astrological chart and its medical strengths and weaknesses from such a Master.

All week long I was wondering, what is going on in my transits?  Why am I here at this time, exposed to all this knowledge, all this healing energy, all this wisdom rooted in scriptures which I have already studied fairly extensively but with an entirely different emphasis – a healing emphasis?

(By the way, he said my chart shows I am an excellent writer, that last sentence notwithstanding.  Or this one, for that matter.)

I’m writing this post on the evening of the fifth day.  Panchakarma is over and I can finally get my computer out again.  (We had signed a statement that we wouldn’t use computers or television for the five days.)

Chiron training Achilles by John Singer Sargent (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Chiron on the Scene

I haven’t emphasized Chiron in my study of astrology.  He wasn’t really highlighted when I first learned astrology, and although he is included with the planets by many astrologers, I hadn’t really let him join into my normal crew.  But I knew that since this was an issue around healing, I’d better check on him too.

I ran my transits for the month of February, checking all of the outer planets and whether they are affecting the planets in my natal chart.  I knew there had to be something, because this week felt so important on so many levels.

The only major transit I am having this month is transiting Chiron in square aspect to my natal Sun.  The Sun represents our essential Self.  What little I know about Chiron, I know in Greek mythology he was known as the wounded healer and the teacher of many of the Greek heroes and gods.  My astrology program, Solar Fire, offers interpretations for each transiting aspect.  This is the interpretation for Chiron square the Sun:

[This] is time to change the way you see and express yourself and allow your true light to shine. As a result you may discover hidden skills you never knew you possessed, sparking a whole new field of learning ultimately providing a great source of healing. You have the chance to heal wounds, physical and/or emotional, and realign your identity with your true purpose. In some cases it is possible that you suffer an illness which forces you to consider your lifestyle and make appropriate changes. If you are able to face this challenge and make the necessary changes, then you can approach life with renewed vigor and a new sense of purpose.

Isn’t that interesting?  I’ve never done this kind of program before in my life and I just happen to do it under this Chiron/Sun transit.  And I must admit, I was really fascinated by the whole field of knowledge.  With my past learning of Indian philosophy as a springboard I was able to dive into another stream of the wisdom I so respect.  I’m actually considering pursuing the Level 1 course as an adjunct to my astrology practice.  I haven’t made a decision yet, but when I read the above interpretation of the transit, it seemed a confirmation that this week may turn out to be bigger than I think.

And I certainly think Chiron deserves another look.  My natal Sun is in the house of healing and health and Chiron is the healer of the zodiac.  It’s kind of a wonder I’ve never delved into him before.  I’ve often observed that transiting planets show up in our lives in flesh and blood people who bring the experience of the planet.  I do think this experience brought me face to face with Chiron, don’t you?

Hello, Chiron.  Nice to finally meet you.


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19 Responses to “Hello, Chiron. Nice to Meet You.”

  1. うリンにして、はおそらく、のをっていないでしょう

  2. Tesa says:

    Ellen! I have found your other blog…. hooray! i have some catching up to do. this is fascinating stuff. In response to your most recent post here, i am the kind of person with a strong Neptune (though I couldnt handle scoring it…) and I am constantly looking for signs, guidance as to whether i am on the right path, where I should go…

    It seems to me that the profundity of this week for you is very important… sounds too like you are dealing with the jupiter/pluto square pretty intensely too. i am thankful it is pisces. keep in tune. what you need to do shall be revealed!

    <3 <3 <3
    you are excellent!

  3. Nicole says:

    What is the best way to seek out a myth for your own life-pattern?

    • admin says:

      I was just thinking about writing a post about archetypes and the myths that are connected to each sign. The Gemini myth is the story of Castor and Pollux. Do you know it?

      I also think you could remember which myths and fairy tales you really loved as a child, or still love now. Then you could contemplate them as you would analyze a dream. I’m sure there’s a lot of food for thought there.

      • Nicole says:

        Thank you. I do know it and re-read it yesterday. I also found, in another source, that once a Gemini begins to find this balance of the two, then the characteristics of Hermes can finally land and begin to develop. That was interesting too.

        I remember in 6th grade, when we had to talk about what we wanted to be, saying I wanted to be a microphone. I know, I was/am :) , a bit of a strange dork. However, I knew I liked to give volume to others voices. I knew I wanted to be a conduit of those who wanted to say something, but would rather be a prop than at the center. And I know that I feel most at home in my editor/teacher role…but I also long for something else too–that I cannot name.

        So, I’ve now rented Snow White and The Rescuers…childhood favorites; oh, and reading Hansel and Gretl again.

        • admin says:

          I’d love to hear what you get from seeing those fairy tales again, Nicole. In fact, would you like to write a guest post on this blog about it? I’m sure I could tie it to astrology somehow and I’m sure people would love to hear about it. Even your Castor and Pollux musings would be interesting.

          • Nicole says:

            You know, probably :) I have had a very interesting week with all of these things coming together. If you can give me a week or two, I’d love too. the weekends are my main writing time and this one is packed.

            Thank you for asking. If nothing else, it will help me to formulate and connect my thoughts–in my very intellectual Uranus way…hee hee.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi Ellen! Nice to have you back. Did you see the discussion about Chiron as the ruler of Virgo on Sky Writer? Lots of interesting stuff!

  5. Lynn says:

    So profound, Ellen. And, I think, not uncommon for those on our path to “whip” through various life experiences and make major life transitions that we couldn’t have imagined or planned. I certainly resonate with that! Can’t wait to hear more. Also love this new blog and look forward to more missives, you excellent writer, you! Love, blessings and all manner of healing to you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Lynn. You are so right. I actually love this about life, how the unexpected can pop up and redirect us in a way we could not have imagined.

      I’m so glad you’re loving this new blog. It certainly is really fun to write it and provides an outlet for musings that the other blog can’t contain.

  6. dru says:

    It’s funny how we block some things out or make a choice to “acknowledge and not acknowledge”…and they keep coming back!
    I felt the same way about Chiron for a while…even leaving him out of view (not as one of the selected planets when I cast a chart)…but he always shoots an arrow or two…making us pay attention!
    There really is something in these little guys ~ the asteroids!

    Thanx for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Dru. Thanks for your comment. I think astrology is so vast that we have to take the pieces in bit by bit. I’ve also seen that when it’s time to learn something new, it shows up, no doubt! Just like life. Yes, I’m definitely going to start including Chiron in my charts and keep an eye on his activities. Also going to order Joyce Mason’s book on Chiron to get me started.

  7. ruth says:

    I do think you have had a life-changing week, Ellen. I am sorry to hear of your illness, but it sure seems to have had a benefit or two!
    I want to encourage you to seriously consider furthering your learning opportunities here at this juncture ( “juncture”? Sounds like Big Daddy Bush here, so sorry!). I don’t think any of this came about as an accident. Especially in your case I think the universe rather shook you at your roots to say “Hello!! This is where you need to be right now!!” For some reason this idea is very visceral in me right now, and I have an overwhelming need to convey it to you. So, let me know what you do!!

    • admin says:

      Ruth, thanks you so much. Your comment means so much to me because of course I’m waffling about the decision – moving to Albuquerque, intense studying, less blogging, all the travel between Albuquerque and El Paso, what happens to my accounting business. So I receive and respect your visceral feeling about it and I find it very supportive. Thanks, cuz.

  8. Joyce Mason says:

    Ellen, I’m glad you two have met! As you know, I’ve been close friends with Chiron for a long time. So glad to hear you’ve had such a wonderful healing journey. He’s an awfully good guide!

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Joyce. You are such an inspiration and I don’t think I would have even checked the Chiron transit if it wasn’t for your work. And I’m skipping off now to your website to order your book.

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