A Spectacular Lineup

April 29th, 2011

Hi, friends.

Just a quick post to alert you to a line-up in the morning sky tomorrow that should be absolutely spectacular – certainly worth getting up for!

The astrological chart is below, for just before dawn.  In it, at the left in the 12th house, you can see the line-up of planets.  Starting at the top is Uranus, then the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter.  The Sun is below the horizon line in the 1st house because it has not quite risen yet.  If you’re too late, and the Sun has risen, it will be too bright to see the others.

Only Uranus is not visible to the naked eye.  Supposedly you can see it with a good pair of binoculars, but only if it is very dark where you view it.  The Moon will be just a sliver, but when you locate it you should be able to see the additional four planets between the Moon and the horizon.

If you have Google Sky as an app on your Smartphone, take a look at the lineup there.  It’s really gorgeous but I wasn’t able to figure out a way to show you the image.

The next day should be fairly spectacular too, but the Moon will be lower in the sky and a smaller sliver as it approaches the New Moon.  So I’m not sure you’ll be able to see it.  The other planets should be visible though.

If you get up before 6 am, you may be able to see Saturn just setting in the west and Venus just rising in the east.  This is the exact Venus/Saturn opposition I spoke about in my Weekly Forecast.  You can see it on the chart above connected by a red line from Venus at 11° Aries and Saturn at 11° Libra.

In the ancient world visual configurations like this would have been filled with meaning.  Saturn alone in the west and all of the planets lined up opposite in the east would have spoken about a revolt against the king (Saturn), with many allies coming together and supporting the crown prince (Jupiter).  Actually as I’m writing this, outside of the happenings in the mid-East and Africa, I think about Prince William’s marriage today.  Billions of people gathered to support him today, and who didn’t have a twinge of revolt against Prince Charles, William’s father, with all those images of his wedding to Diana and the outcome of that marriage?

Anyway, see you outside (at least in spirit) tomorrow morning!

11 Responses to “A Spectacular Lineup”

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  2. A line up worthwhile, indeed. Thanks for sharing. Hats raised from Canada.

  3. Thanks for this blog of yours! I am now updated with your doings. I really love it. Gotta share this with my friends too.

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    Woah! This looked so different with the current version of Google Sky!

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